• Why only kindergarten, first and second grade?

        Four to eight year olds are still young children, they work and play together so beautifully. Rudolf Steiner says, “The change in the children’s self-awareness grows stronger at the age of nine, and you find that they understand much better what you say about the difference between the human being and the world.  Before they reach the age of nine, children merge far more thoroughly with the environment than is the case later, when they begin to distinguish themselves from their surroundings...In short, the children’s self-awareness grows deeper and stronger when they reach this age.” Third graders are becoming self-conscious and aware of their separateness. They are reading to learn rather than learning to read. They are ready for a bigger school, more friends, book clubs, science fairs, etc. 

  • Where do children go after Ziji?

         Our students go all over--some to their neighborhood schools, charter schools, other private schools, Waldorf or Montessori schools, and some families choose to homeschool.

  • Are students well prepared?

        We track our former students as best we can and we hear good things about how they are doing. They do well socially and academically. For some the transition