I really miss my new puppy! I think about him all the time. Except when I do multiplication. I just love multiplication!
— a math girl

Morning Lesson

Another teacher joins us for lesson time, allowing each teacher to work with four or five children. This ratio ensures that we know exactly what each child is understanding and what they are not. We have a rich array of math manipulatives with which to create activities that teach and exercise each concept. Lesson time is active, concrete, and engaging. The children cycle through 5 to 10 activities each morning.

A child might begin with a couple of warm up games that exercise their knowledge of math facts. Moving on to Race to 100 or Race Back to 0, where they need to trade 10 ones for a ten bar, ten ten bars for a hundred square if they are learning to carry, or the reverse if they are learning to borrow. After that they might work on their cursive writing at the blackboard or on spelling patterns on the Word Jump mat. Then they might figure out how much to pay for their fruits and vegetables at the farm stand and end lesson by working in their math workbook or by playing a fraction game with their friend.

Children leave Ziji with a very solid math foundation and usually reading and writing above their grade level.